What is SupplyNet

SupplyNet is an Internet-based service that empowers suppliers to conduct business online with
Federal-Mogul Purchasing. Using custom-designed, Web-enabled applications, suppliers directly interact with Federal-Mogul to complete a variety of business interactions.

We have worked closely with many Federal-Mogul suppliers to develop online applications and functionality. Each application is designed to improve communications with our supply chain, reduce lead time and improve efficiencies and quality.

Password Assistance 

To access Federal-Mogul Supplier information on this Web site, you will need to have a valid log-in username and password.

For new users, please download the registration document below, complete the form in full and send it via e-mail to your Federal-Mogul contact.  Your F-M contact will then forward the request to the appropriate personnel.

For new Internal Federal-Mogul users, please download the registration document below, complete the form in full, and send it via email to your Global Supplier Quality and Development contact.

Supplier users who already have a User ID, but have forgotten or need to reset their password, should send an email with "Password Reset" in the Subject line to SupplyNetAdmin@federalmogul.com.  Please include your User ID.

Internal users who have forgotten or need to reset their password must contact the Help Desk at 800.680.2920.

Cost Saving Suggestions

The Federal-Mogul TVA Scorecard utilizes composite measurements, which cover various aspects of supplier performance. One such aspect is Supplier Cost-Saving Suggestions, or SCSS. SCSS is an approach designed to identify process cost “drivers” and to implement simple, common-sense process changes to reduce overall costs. SCSS is also a means for advertising and giving credit to those suppliers who reduce prices through commercial considerations.

Areas of SCSS focus include:

  • Year-over-year price reductions
  • Consignment inventory programs
  • Negotiated supply agreements
  • Payment terms beyond 60 days
  • Design simplification
  • Process improvement
  • Alternative materials
  • New technologies
  • Packaging
  • Product weight reduction
  • Material content/utilization
  • Scrap reduction
  • Inventory/lead-time reduction
  • Complexity reduction/part consolidation
  • Improved sub-supplier sourcing
  • Optimization of manufacturing location
  • Optimization of validation requirements
  • Market competition
  • Freight/FOB charges
  • Multiple sourcing
  • Federal-Mogul/supplier business practices
  • Volume efficiencies
  • Duty reduction
  • International logistics
  • Warranty reduction
  • Tooling savings
Credit toward SCSS is awarded as follows:
  • Part consolidation: $1,000/part number eliminated
  • Lead-time reduction: Time supply in dollars based on current lead time minus time supply in dollars based on new lead time
  • Consignment inventory program: Time supply in dollars based on current lead time minus time supply in dollars based on three days supply
Credit is given for the following reductions:
  • Design simplifications
  • Transportation savings
  • Packaging savings
  • All other tangible proposals

Please submit SCSS cost-reduction proposals via SupplyNet. The affected Federal-Mogul plant purchasing professional and commodity manager will automatically be notified when you submit your suggestion. The plant and/or the commodity manager will provide a disposition, which will automatically update your scorecard. Half credit will be given when a feasible suggestion is approved and balance of credit will be given when implemented. Based on the approval date of your SCSS, credit will be reported on your scorecard for the following 12 months.

Please note: It is the supplier’s responsibility to submit all cost-saving suggestions. Contact your
Federal-Mogul purchasing professional if you require further details on how to get SCSS credit or for answers to any SCSS questions you may have.